Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2018

The meeting was opened by Reverend Peter Hahn, who offered an opening prayer.

Members in attendance: Reverend Peter Hahn, Christine Mclean, Ed Snider, Terry Trego, Tim Ryan, Ron Fink, Matt Sahd, Julie Richards, Frank Kuchinski, Gwen Fritsch (PTO), Jan Bixby (Faculty Representative)

Absent: Gina Bonafede, Katie Odell, Julia Parrish, Tracy Carroll, Lara Koppmann

Open Session:

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting: April meeting minutes approved.
  2. Standing Committee Reports:
    1. Public Relations: The committee is currently working on articles for the next Parrish Newsletter, which will be going out in July. Progress on the new website continues – the target date for website completion is August 20th. McLean shared long and short versions of the “A Day in the Life” video, which will be used on the website and in other marketing efforts.
    2. Policy: No report.
    3. Planning: The planning committee met with the Building and Grounds Committee to present the plan for the playground and rain garden. The playground will be moved this summer (beginning in June) and the committee is meeting next week to finalize plans for the playground move.
    4. Nominations: Amy Altimare will be asked to join the School Board to complete Bill Hardebeck’s term (one year). Amy and all incoming School Board members (Mark Magyar, Gretchen Reasner, Sean Francey and Ellen Eschenwald) will be invited to attend the June School Board meeting.
    5. Spiritual Life: The Outdoor Living Rosary will be held on May 23rd. On June 5th, the seventh grade will be presenting their projects for the Saints Fair.
    6. Security and Safety: The committee will be providing specifications for a sign-in/entry system for any visitors to the school. A member of the Hempfield Police Department gave a presentation on cyber security to both parents and middle school students.
  3. Ad Hoc Committee Reports
    1. PTO: Approximately 200 people attended Let’s Dance this year. Expenses were up this year for many things, including food, rentals, Keller Auctioneers (price has doubled), etc. There were approximately half as many sponsorships this year, and we received about a third as much from the classroom baskets. Final numbers are still pending.
    2. Development: Frank Kuchinski reported numbers for the annual appeal, EITC, Giant A+, banners and signs, and Seed. In many cases numbers are up from last year.
    3. Finance: Frank Kuchinksi reported that finances are on track for this year, and the budget for next year is still being finalized, pending enrollment numbers.
  4. Principal’s Report: See attached. Mrs. Mclean commented on the departure of two teachers this year.
  5. Pastor’s Report: Father Hahn reported that the annual budget is due for submission in a couple weeks. We’re currently estimating 360 students next year, which is short of what the estimate was in January. We will need to be conservative with expenses.
    Father Hahn also reported that our Building Committee met with the architects about Phase II construction, and our plan will be presented to the Diocese by Aug/Sep.
  6. Public Comment: None.

Closed Session: The board completed the annual Principal’s evaluation.

Closing prayer was offered by Father Hahn.

Next school board meeting will be June 11, 2018.

Respectfully submitted, Edward Snider