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Tuition & Fees

At Saint Leo the Great School, we believe in giving every child the opportunity of an excellent Catholic education.  We work with every family to make Catholic education accessible to anyone who seeks it. While the actual cost to educate a student at Saint Leo the Great School is approximately $8,164, our tuition rates listed below demonstrate the discount we are able to offer through our Variable Tuition Program to meet the varied needs and means of our families. The essence of this program is to adopt a comprehensive Fair Share Tuition Program based on the actual cost of education. 

2024-2025 Tuition Details

(for Pre-K4 full day through 8th Grade)


Projected Cost/Student: $8,164


Variable Base Tuition Range: $6,250 or Based upon need


Fair Share Tuition Rate:

All families also qualify for the $400/Additional Child Discount.

There are two ways to be considered for the Variable Base Tuition: 
    1. Apply for financial aid through Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) and tuition will be established based on your demonstrated need. 
    2. Participate in the S.P.E. Program by completing an S.P.E. Joinder Agreement in the minimum amount of $3,500, which results in an “after-tax cost” to you of only $350.  Your participation in SPE will make you eligible for the Tuition Rate of $6,250. For more information about the SPE Program click here.
      1. New this year: To be potentially eligible for the Tuition Rate of <$6,250, you will need to complete a Joinder Application for S.P.E. in the amount of $5,000 or greater. Please contact the Development Office for more details.
The Fair Share Tuition Rate is for families that choose to NOT participate in the SPE program or complete the STS application.  This will also apply to families that do not have a demonstrated financial need through STS.

Learn more about our Variable Tuition Program by clicking on the Variable Tuition Flyer below.

Variable Tuition Flyer 2024

To view the Parents’ Presentation PowerPoint Slides, click below.

Parents Presentation 2024_2025

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Tuition Rates

4 year old class only (must be 4 by 9/1/2024)

5 Full Days: 8:25 AM – 3:00 PM

5 Half Days : 8:25 AM – 11:20 AM


Our Constant Parish Commitment 

No Parishioner will ever be denied a Catholic Education in our Parish School because of Financial Need. If, once the Variable Tuition is proposed, a family desires a reduction because of extenuating circumstances, they only need to contact Father Hahn to arrange a meeting.


Tuition Assistance

Any family who seeks financial assistance must complete the online Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) Financial Aid Application.

Please note:  The application fee will be paid by Saint Leo the Great School.
An annual family registration fee of $150.00 is due upon acceptance.


Tuition Payment Management & Plans

Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) will manage our tuition payments. The following options are offered for payment:

Option 1 – Monthly Payment Plan: June – March, payment dates 5th or 20th. (There is an additional enrollment fee for this option.)

Option 2 – Semi-Annual Payment Plan: June and December, payment dates 5th or 20th.

Option 3 – Pay In-Full: June (or within one month of acceptance of contract), payment dates 5th or 20th.


Contacts for questions or help: 

For Registration and STS: Christine Pisano x 137; [email protected]

For SPE: Melissa Kardas x 254; [email protected]