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Annual Appeal

Parish School / PSR Annual Appeal


“We will never deny a Catholic boy or girl a Catholic education due to finance.”

From his arrival in 2008, our pastor Father Hahn received the vision that we will never deny a Catholic boy or girl a Catholic education due to finance. To fulfill this vision, St Leo The Great Catholic School conducts the Annual Appeal each year.

The generosity of our school and parish families during the Annual Appeal funds tuition assistance for  families desiring a Catholic education, but lacking the resources to pay the cost of that education in full.

Full tuition for a single parish school student is $7,400. The parish subsidizes this amount to $6,600 for practicing Catholic families through the weekly collection. This past year, many donors were able to support one or more full tuition amounts to cover the entire cost of tuition at our parish school for one or more children. Others gave generously as their finances would allow. We thank you all!

We hope you will consider giving a gift equal to the financial blessings you have received by placing our Annual Appeal high on your family’s stewardship priority list!

We invite you to contact the Development Office at [email protected] to find out more about how you can be a personal hero to the boys and girls of Saint Leo’s.